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About Us

We are owner-managed, adventure travel experts, passionate about delivering an authentic African experience for both individual and group travel.

Connect with your inner Wild

Come and rediscover yourself as you connect with the ethos of unique African locations that will forever change the way you view life.

Join us in the heart of KZN, South Africa for an eco-adventure with Wild Connection! Our base camp near Nambiti Private Game Reserve offers a range of activities for students, including game drives, walks, and rafting. In partnership with Zingela Safari Camp, our eco camps and activities promote sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. Experience it all in this captivating video of an unforgettable journey!


  • Expert travel advice in planning your unique itinerary
  • A reservations service for our Wild Locations
  • A full ground handling service from airport pick up to drop off including transport, guides, accommodation, and activities
  • Direct access to unique conservation activities including behind-the-scenes big five tracking and authentic cultural immersion experiences
  • Student Group travel (adventure, wildlife, and/or cultural focus)
  • Tailor-made trips for individuals seeking an authentic African experience

We are based just outside Nambiti Private Game Reserve in the KZN Midlands, near Ladysmith.

Our Partners

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for you, we work in close collaboration with a range of different companies.

Private Game Reserve

Safari and River Company

Project Rhino

Projects we support

We aim to facilitate meaningful, educational, conservation focused programs for student groups whilst simultaneously benefitting the reserve and uplifting local communities. We work closely with the surrounding community, educating, empowering and inspiring future wildlife ambassadors and potentially training up field guides that we can employ in our operation, as well as inspiring craftsmen/women by offering training workshops to start their own enterprises.

Project Rhino

Conservation awareness in rural schools facilitate by Wild Connection in Nambiti area

Move Africa

Addressing Period Poverty in our communities through workshops, help keep a girl in school.

The Learn Project

Uplifting community education through the power of books and literacy. Our aim at Wild Connection is to raise enough funds to create libraries and classroom book corners in our 10 community schools.

Jabong Hat Project

Create Employment, Provide an education, Clean up Plastic


A community initiative aimed at helping teens develop the habits needed to maintain their social health and ultimately set goals for their future through sports.

Wild Connection Kids Camp

in conjunction with Project Rhino (Rhino Art)
Donate towards sponsoring a community kid at our conservation camp held specifically for our community in order to raise awareness around rhino poaching. We host between 50 to 60 kids from the community at the end of each year, the first time any of them have been on a game reserve or stayed in a tented camp.


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Charlotte Overend


It is incredible! From the moment we arrived we were made to feel at home. It was such a familiar feeling staying at Namibiti, all the staff were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. The guides where so informative and really interested in what we wanted to learn as well as giving us a educational experience. I could not recommend enough and I am counting down the days until I can go back.

Nicole Cochran


Nambiti was amazing, the staff were lovely and really caring. I really loved the fact our days were fulfilled; we were constantly out. I enjoyed going out on the jeep and seeing the elephants and rhinos. I enjoyed going on the walks and doing camp maintenance. My favourite part was going and seeing the children and donating to them.

Vincent Taylor


Nambiti widened my view on how animals act within the wild and taught me so much that I didn’t know before, it was a great camp and in general was an amazing experience.

Caitlin Pearson


While at Nambiti Game Reserve, we were able to take part in many activities. We even got to help track down two male Lions for them to be moved reserves. The guards took it upon themselves to give us all the facts and knowledge about what we were doing so we knew why we were doing this and how it helps. The food we were made by the camp chef allowed us to try new foods out of our comfort zones so we were really able to embrace the South African culture.

Kieran Sherwood


Having gone to Nambiti my experiences where as wild as you can get. The activities that we all participated in where nothing short of spectacular. I must thank Lundy and Bronwyn for allowing us all to participate in what was an unbelievable experience over those 11 days in the bush, definitely going back sometime on my own. Everyone there reminded me where I feel most at home...THE WILD!!

Rabiah Khan


Staying at the Nambiti research camp was a once in a lifetime experience. While at the campsite, it never seemed awkward or boring as everyone felt like a big family and it was great to be able to play games and talk with not only our classmates but also the guides and rangers. Lundy and Erik were two of my favourite people at the camp, they were friendly, funny and extremely interesting as they shared their own stories on living in Africa which gave me a different insight to how life goes on outside the reserve and in the villages.

Stephane Robertson


Nambiti Research were fantastic hosts for our animal management students, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere from the moment we arrived. Staff became friends and students have continuously spoken highly of their time and memories from camp. A huge thank you to all those involved in the project who made our time an unforgettable experience.

Rebecca Grey


Nambiti was incredible experience! Living in such an innovatively sustainable camp felt both ethical and at one with nature; waking up to the sunrise, falling asleep to the sound of wildlife, all whilst being safe and nurtured by the incredible team. The cooks were so talented and diverse, the guides experienced and passionate, and the animals mesmerizing. Can't wait to go back!

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