We are excited to announce that Wild Connection is now located at Nambiti Research camp.


Welcome to Wild Connection!

We are owner-managed, adventure travel experts, passionate about delivering an authentic African experience for both individual and group travel.

  • Expert travel advice in planning your unique itinerary
  • A reservations service for our Wild Locations
  • A full ground handling service from airport pick up to drop off including transport, guides, accommodation, and activities.
  • Direct access to unique conservation activities including behind-the-scenes big five tracking and authentic cultural immersion experiences
  • Student Group travel (adventure, wildlife and/or cultural focus)
  • Tailor made trips for individuals seeking an authentic African experience

About us

Our goal is to connect you with authentic hidden gems to
ensure that you get the best out of your African adventure

Connecting the world with wild African locations and authentic hands-on experiences.

Wild Connection is the bridge between matching the perfect African product for adventure seekers, nature lovers, conservationists, and those desperate for meaningful experiences that are more than just a standard tourist itinerary. Experiential travel is all about going beyond sightseeing, immersing oneself, and becoming part of the moment being experienced. Whether it is contributing to conservation by tracking rhinos and wild dogs with a monitoring team,

partaking in the daily life of a Zulu family in a rural village or joining a cultural cooking course on a community big five game reserve. The difference lies in what you do, rather than what you see. You live the experience and not just look at it. Connect with your inner wild, and rediscover yourself as you connect with the ethos of unique African locations that will forever change the way you view life.


Wildlife at Wild Connection